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  • Pomeranian

Our second single-poet collection: POMERANIAN

Romp through vignettes of Pomerania, land of decadence & disaster, wickedness & wit.

You tried to run away once,
packed a bag, ran out of the house and sat on a park bench for a few hours,
but then it got dark and you got hungry
so you decided to go home and continue living there instead.

Montana James Thomas lives and works in New York City. His work likens the horrific to the hilarious, the artificial to the emotional, the antiquated to the current, delivering narrative rollercoasters of repeated desire and failure. His poetry has been featured in Forever Mag, Dream Boy Book Club, Hanging Loose Magazine and Blush Lit Journal, among others. He is the author of The Stink, a monthly column in Byline about smell and New York City and he curates and hosts an ongoing series of poetry readings called Vile Beasts.