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dirt child vol. 2

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  • dirt child vol. 2

all proceeds will be contributed to the Black Trans Femmes in the Arts Collective (

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first edition of 100
orders will ship within two weeks

102 pages of language/arts

ft, in order of appearance:
rosie stockton
kayla ephros
curtis emery
margaret saigh
liana mack
james yeary
zack haber
rachel oyster kim
austin islam
dan hoy
christopher chavez
marissa zappas
josh vigil
samantha clarke
jeremy bushnell
matthew klane
justin lacour
chris ashby
yves nuño
matthias kodat
oakley tapola
hayes hoey
maggie buford
judas kane
pluto soo hoo
rebecca veith
carson jordan
tess mcgeer
trinity chapa
cole solinger
cody-rose clevidence